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Helpful Hints: Preparing your Property for a Viewing

If all has gone well in the listing process, your property may well generate interest, which will culminate in a potential buyer wanting to view your property in person. It may seem obvious, but it always bears restating: the way you present your property is of huge importance at this stage. It can make or break a sale. Whether or not a buyer can see themselves living in your property can be affected by how it is presented to them.

We've put together a list of helpful hints and tips to help make your property as desirable as it can be.

Preparing your Property for a Viewing:

APPEARANCE: Make sure your house is presented to the viewer looking as much like the photos on the listing as you can. Tidy up clutter and clean the house, if you have a dog or cat, keep it out of the way, and make sure any personal marks are removed or at least neat (e.g. toothpaste, coats, etc.). This will provide a blank canvas to help the viewer picture themselves in the property rather than make them feel as if they're just taking a tour of someone else's home. If you have the time, a fresh coat of paint, some weed killer in the driveway, and a mown lawn can only help.

ATMOSPHERE: Another obvious point perhaps, but make sure the property seems 'homely' rather than 'used'. It's tricky to know where to draw a line, so here are a few pointers. Once again, if you have pets in the house, make sure there isn't a lingering 'dog smell'. If your job means you come home dirty after a full day's work, make sure there's no trace of it. The stories about estate agents baking loaves of bread or freshly brewing coffee before each viewing might not be quite accurate, but there's no smoke without a fire: the way your house smells can have an effect on the viewer's experience.

PREPARE YOURSELF: Remember, you will be conducting the viewing, so make sure to plan it in advance. What route will you take around the property? What will you say in each room? Will you leave your viewers to have their own look around once they know the lay of the land, so that they can talk more openly and come to a decision? Viewings are much more than tours of the house, so your answers to these questions will play a part in how the viewer sees your property once they come away from the viewing.

Most of all, don't stress out, we're here to help with tips and advice at any stage, so contact us if you're having trouble.

Viewing Prep Checklist: 

Here's our quick and easy checklist of things to do in preparation for a viewing, they may seem obvious, but they're easy to miss!

  1. Make sure your house is clean and tidy
  2. Tidy up outside areas such as gardens, balconies and terraces
  3. Remove objects obstructing the view of your property
  4. Tidy and arrange shelves and remove clutter
  5. Ensure all lights work and there are no dripping taps
  6. Make sure the bathroom is spotless (especially the loo)
  7. Ensure the house is well lit by either natural or artificial light
  8. If you have any pets put them out or to stay with friends for the day
  9. Air the house the day before the viewing so it smells fresh
  10. Turn off any TVs, radio, or other distractions

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