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Why Buy Property Privately?

When you buy your property through an agent, an agency fee is included in the advertised price. Generally agency fees can range from 3% to 10% of a property's value, this is factored in to the advertised price of your property. For example:

Asking Price €150,000 €150,000
+ Agency Fees at 10% €0 €15,000
You Pay €150,000 €165,000


When you buy a property through an agent, you can be required pay up to 10% more than the property is worth. More important than that, if a property is on the market with an estate agent, the fee may in some instances push it out of your price range, and you may miss out on owning your dream home because of agency fees.

When you buy your new property from a private seller, you can get 'more house for your money', and there will probably be more properties in your price bracket thanks to the fact that price-inflating agency fees are not a factor.

An estate agent, or an employee of the estate agent will take you to view a property. They often build up a large portfolio of properties, so they won't necessarily be particularly familiar with the property you're interested in, the surrounding area, or even what it's like to live there from day to day.

When you buy through a private seller, you interact directly with the property's current owner. They know everything there is to know about the property you're interested in, they know everything about the surrounding area, and they know from experience what living in, running, or refurbishing the property is like. It's a much more personal experience. 

Why Buy Through Private Sales Direct?

We at Private Sales Direct are a 'Private Sales only' website, so wee impose no agency fees, meaning that you pay the actual value of the house, rather than an artificially inflated price.

Because we put you directly in touch with the property's current owner, you interact directly with them, meaning there are no middlemen, and your experience is much more personal.

Our team with decades of experience in the property market is here to support you throughout the process if needed, so even though we focus on giving buyers a more inter-personal experience of buying privately, by no means do we leave you out in the cold.

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This Article submitted by: Hugh at Private Sales Direct. 

Private Sales Direct is a private property sales website advertising properties for sale direct from home owners worldwide. Buying privately means no agency fees and no commission to pay which means buyers and sellers can save thousands in estate agent fees. For Sellers their property will look more attractively priced without agency fees added and for Buyers, dealing directly with Sellers means they can avoid having to pay more than the true value of the property.

We have many overseas properties and holiday homes for sale advertised both by UK and International sellers. Browse our properties in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and elsewhere. All the properties on our website are private sales which means when you make an enquiry it goes directly to the owner, thus potentially saving thousands in agency fees.

For Sellers - Private Sales Direct is Free to advertise your property or we can provide a range of effective advertising options, designed to help you find a buyer or tenant more quickly and at minimal cost.

For Buyers - Private Sales Direct gives you access to buyers directly without having to arrange everything through an agent or 3rd party plus we have a wealth of experience and experts ready to help with any of the details such as currency exchange, insurance and legal work.

0% Commission. Save thousands. Deal Direct with Property Owners at

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